• How to replace the lubricating oil of worm gear reducer?
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The oil quantity and the position of the sealing device of worm gear reducer dependent on the installation position, refer to the instructions & ldquo; exhaust hole, oil level, discharge hole, oil quantity and weight & rdquo;

<When replacing the oil, the original oil type should be added to the reducer. Oils of different types or manufactures Only lubricants specified in our list can be used. In particular, synthetic oil should not be mixed with mineral oil. The oil must be released after the gear reducer has stopped running and when the oil is still warm. Oil must be dripped clean for long enough to remove grease, debris and residual oil. < if there is sh. Iny bronze wear debris in the oil, there is absolutely no need to worry. Synthetic oil is used a s lubricant under standard conditions. Mineral oil is also available. Instructions such a s the type of oil, oil viscosity and the amount of oil required can be consulted with the nameplate of the reducer.< If it is a reducer, each observe s If the environmental conditions deviate from the normal environmental conditions (high ambient temperature, high air humidity, corrosive environmental media), the inspection interval should be shortened.



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