• Maintenance Notes for Worm Gear Reducer
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When the new reducer is in use, after 300 hours of continuous operation, the new oil needs to be replaced, and every 2500 hours thereafter, but the quality of the oil should be checked regularly in the course of use. If the oil has impurities, aging and deterioration, it must be replaced at any time.

Gear oil of fixed brand and sh Ould be used in reducer, and different brands, numbers or different types of oil should not be mixed. In the process of oil change, the reducer should be cleaned up before injecting new oil.

During the use period, when it is found that the oil temperature is too high (over 80 C) and there is abnormal noise, the use should be im media stopped. Only after troubleshooting or replacing the lubricating oil can we continue to use it.

If the extreme cold is below-10C, the influence of the annular temperature on the reducer should be considered when selecting the type, and the configuration of live heater can be considered. T For lubrication and maintenance of worm gear reducer. Regular observation of oil level movement and noise and vibration is made.

The proper maintenance and use of worm gear reducer can maximize its function.




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