• Countermeasure of Oil Leakage in Worm Gear and Worm Reducer
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Improving the ventilation cap and viewing hole cover of worm gear reducer: One of the main reasons for oil leakage is that the internal pressure of reducer is greater than the external atmospheric pressure. If we try to balance the internal and external pressure, oil leakage can be avoided. Athing hole is too small, easy to be blocked by coal powder, oil pollution, and each refueling should be opened to check the cover, open once to increase the possibility of oil leakage, so that the original leakage of the local also occurred. For this reason, a kind of oil cup cap is made, and the original thin viewing hole cap plate is changed. The oil cup cap is welded on the cap plate. The diameter of the gas permeability hole is 6 mm, which is easy to ventilate and equalizes the pressure. When refueling, the oil cup cap is refueled without opening the viewing hole cap plate, thus reducing the oil leakage opportunity.

2. Flow smoothly: In to prevent the r. Emaining lubricant from accumulating at the shaft seal when the gear is thrown on the bearing, it is necessary to make the remaining lubricant flow back to the oil pool in a certain direction, that is to say, flow smoothly. Detailed method is to open an oblique oil return groove in the center of the lower bearing pad of the bearing seat, at the Sa Sa Me time, a gap is also opened at the straight mouth of the end cover, the gap is opposite to the oil return groove, so that the remaining lubricant flows back to the oil pool through the gap and the oil return groove.

p>3. Improving the Shaft Seal Structure

1) Improvement of Le seal of reduced output shaft is half-axis: the out of oil pool through the gap and the oil return groove. Put shaft of reducer of most equipment such as belt conveyor, screw unloader, impeller coal feeder is half-axis, which is convenient for modification. The reducer collapses, the coupling is removed, and the end cap of the reducer shaft seal is taken out. According to the matching skeleton oil seal scale, the slot outside the original en seal D cap is turned, the skeleton oil seal is installed, and the side of the bandage spring is inward. If the end cap distance is more than 35mm from the inner end face of the coupling, a spare oil seal can be installed on the axle outside the end cap. Once the oil seal fails, the damaged oil seal can be removed and pushed into the end cap. Then the T seal can be removed and pushed into the end cap. Ime-consuming and laborious process of crashing reducer and dismantling coupling can be omitted.

2) Improvement of axle seal of reducer whose output shaft is the whole shaft: the output shaft of reducer drive by the whole shaft has no coupling, if it is reformed according to the plan of 2.3.1, the workload is too large and unrealistic. In Order to reduce the workload and simplify the device procedure, a separable end cap is planned, and the open oil seal is tested. The splittable end cover outside the processing groove takes out the tension spring first when filling the oil seal, cuts the oil seal into an open shape, sheaths the oil seal on the axle from the opening, butts the op Ening with adhesive, opens up, then installs the tension spring, pushes the end cover.

4. Choose new sealing data: New polymer correction data can be used to plug in the leakage of static sealing point of reducer. If oil leakage occurs at the static sealing point of the reducer, it can be blocked by the composite data correction of oil sur. Face urgent repair agent glue-polymer 25551 and 90T in surface engineering technology, and then the intention of eliminating oil leakage can be reached.

5. Carefully carry out the overhaul process: In the overhaul of worm gear reducer, we should conscientiously implement the rules. Oil seals should not be reversed, lip mouth s Hould not be damaged, outer edge should not be deformed, spring should not fall off, joint surface should be cleaned, sealant should be uniformly painted, and filling capacity should not exceed the oil scale.

6. Scrubbing: The static sealing point of the reducer is managed and can generally reach non-leakage, but the dynamic sealing p> Oint is still slight leakage because of the aging of the sealing parts, poor quality, improper installation and high-level surface roughness of the shaft. Because of the poor working environment, coal dust sticks to the shaft and appears to be almost a piece of oil, so it needs to be scraped after the equipment stops working. Wash the oil stain on. The axle.




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